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Alice in wonderland movies and more

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Alice in Wonderland adventures originated from a novel written in 1865 by the author Lewis Carroll. A novel of a girl named Alice who chased a rabbit into a hole landing in a peculiar fantasy world. The novel is full of bizarre characters giving it lasting popularity because of its creative, artistic and inventive story which is the best example of literary nonsense genre. In 1959, philanthropist George Delacorte granted a Alice in Wonderland bronze statue as a gift to the youth of New York City which now sits in Central Park attracting many visitors. Another Alice tourist attraction is the wooden statues of Alice, the Madhatter, the queen of heart and the rabbit in Liandudno, Wales where the real Alice and her family spent their holidays in their humongous house which is now a hotel.

Alice In Wonderland by April Sommers


There where countless movies and animation of the story of Alice and Wonderland from 1903 to 2010.
silent film made in 1903, 1910, 1915
Talking film made in 1931, 1933, 1949
Walt Disney Animation Studios made in 1951
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland film made in 1972 Alice by Jan Švankmajer a stop motion and live action made in 1988
Malice in Wonderland made in 2009
And in 2010 Alice in Wonderland a computer-animated with live action movie from Walt Disney Pictures won best art direction at the 83rd Academy Awards. The award was given to Robert Stromberg who was the production designer for Wonderlandwonderland and Avatar. It also was given to Karen O'Hara the set decorator she was the person who made the table Johnny Depp walked across.
In the same week Disney interactive Studios published an action adventure game called Alice in Wonderland, based on the film. The soundtrack composed by veteran video game music composer Richard Jacques. Alice and her adventures are not dead because on June 14, 2011 a violent video game was made call Alice: Madness Returns.
Also Avril Ramona Lavigne a Canadian singer-songwriter asked the executives of Alice in Wonderland could she write a song for the film which was played over the end credits. No Alice is not dead because there are still artist out there putting Alice in Wonderland in their work.